About Us

We are a family of Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies Lovers who has taken time and developed a small breeding program. We deal with common colors you will find around.

Our primary objective is to breed corgi puppies that will meet and exceed the standards in terms of temperaments and to be amazing family pets. We make them our pets first thus allowing them to live in our home with our family.

We've been breeding Corgi puppies since 2003, after getting enough knowledge on corgis puppies in 2001, we decided to start breeding in 2003. Our minds were made up as soon as purchased our first Corgi puppy "Mr. Brad" the fun we had raising him was so magical that we decided to not stop with just one. It has been a great experience as we've not had any disappointments and have been enjoying them ever since. They are truly Clowns in the Dog World. We treated them like family members, thereby giving them full access to the house, yard and beds sometimes

We have zero tolerance for puppy mills or substandard breeding practices. All of our corgi puppies are raised with love and we are proud to say that we are held to industry-leading standards and aim to improve the life of each puppy we raise.

Height, Weight Estimate

Height: Males 10 - 12 inches (25 - 30 cm) Females 10 - 12 inches (25 - 30 cm)

Weight: Males 24 - 31 pounds (10 - 14 kg) Females 24 - 28 pounds (11 - 13 kg)

Choosing a puppy among our available puppies will be the best decision you will be making in regards to getting a companion dog/dogs. Don't miss out on the amazing experience of owning and raising one of these angels on four legs.